Alarm Permits

False alarms have become a great concern for law enforcement agencies everywhere. In 2008 the Euless Police Department responded to over 1,800 false alarms. While police are responding to alarms that turn out to be false, they are less available to respond to alarms that are valid.

In order to reduce the number of false alarms, the Euless City Council approved an ordinance in August of 2009 that requires anyone with an alarm (businesses and residences) to have a permit and spells out penalties for those who do not have a permit.

A yearly registration is required for alarm permit holders. The residential alarm fee is $30 (fee is waived if the permit holder is 65 or older) and the business alarm fee is $100. Applications can now be renewed online through PM/AM Corp by visiting or by calling 888-387-7034.

Your Alarm Permit is good for one year and will expire on the last day of the month your permit was issued. If you already have an alarm permit in Euless, you will receive a letter in the mail with your renewal date. There is a fine for operating an alarm system without a permit.

We hope this ordinance will encourage alarm users to properly use and maintain their systems so they will reduce or eliminate false alarms. False alarms consume officer time, waste fuel, increase the risk of accidents and, over time, reduce the quality of police service to other areas with a greater need for officer presence. Our goal is to make Euless a safer place to live for all of our citizens.