Natatorium FAQs

General Topics

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  • Is there a sauna or hot tub?

  • What is the pool temperature?

  • How deep is the pool?

  • What is the minimum age for swimmers without a chaperone?

  • Is there a weight restriction on the slide?

  • How tall do you need to be to go on the slide?

  • Are there showers on site?

  • How much is a locker?

  • Can you store my cake/food for me?

  • Can I bring in outside food?

  • Do you offer a military, senior or AARP discount?

  • What items are prohibited?

  • May I grill onsite?

  • May I bring a cooler?

  • I love water guns, may I use them at the pool?

  • May I use a scuba mask?

  • May I use a snorkel or fins?

  • May I bring noodles and/or similar flotation devices?

  • May I bring my own lifejacket?

  • May I borrow a lifejacket?

Learn to Swim

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  • How much are classes?

  • What is the class student to teacher ratio?

  • Who teaches your classes?

  • What types of classes do you have?

  • What level do I put my child in?

  • Are there places for me to watch my child in LTS?

  • What is your make up policy?

  • How many lessons are in a session?

  • What days are lessons?

  • What does LTS stand for?

Lap Swim

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  • May I do starts off the deck?

  • How do I share lanes?

  • How big is the pool?

  • What is the age requirement for lap swim?