Pay Your Court Citation

Please Read the Following Information Carefully, Then Select Your Choice Below.

Welcome to the Euless Municipal Court online payment system.

The Court has made every effort to maintain the accuracy of information provided on this site but limitations such as differing names, and/or input errors may not show other unpaid citations not associated with the citation number you input.

Citations may not be available for online payment for at least three days from the date of issuance. If the online payment system is unable to locate your citation, it DOES NOT NEGATE your duty to appear. If you are not paying online, you must appear at the Municipal Court Clerk’s Office on or before thirty days from the date of offense.

Fines may be paid online using MasterCard or Visa. There is no transaction fee for online payment. Before using this service, you must know the citation number, the driver’s license number, and date of birth. Parking violations will also require the license plate number. Please read the following instructions very carefully.

This online site will only accept payments in FULL. If you are currently on an authorized payment plan, you may utilize our Interactive Voice Response system to make your monthly payment by calling 817-685-1498.

You CANNOT use this service to:

  • Make a partial payment.
  • Pay a fine for a person in jail.
  • Pay a cash bond.
  • Pay for a driving safety course.
  • Pay a code violation.
  • Pay for a juvenile offense.
  • Pay for an alcohol or tobacco offense if you are a minor.

This system will reflect the current balance due for each violation as of midnight (12:00 a.m.) the previous business day.

You can now check for deferred disposition eligibility through this online site. If you have received a Deferred Disposition letter or you wish to check for eligibility please see link below.  Please note, if you have multiple moving violations, only one violation will be eligible for deferred.


To check for deferred disposition eligibility, please click here.


Plead no contest to your charge or charges and pay your fine and costs in full then use our automated voice response system at 817-685-1498.