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Municipal Court manages the court operations through the Judicial Branch of government. They provide support to the judge, monitor the jury selection process, answer questions from citizen inquiries about misdemeanors and process the correlating correspondence.

Interactive Voice Response System 

Get citation information and pay your citation 
24 hours a day!

Call 817-685-1498

For your convenience the Court has an Interactive Voice Response System which allows you to obtain citation information and/or pay your fine 24 hours a day. You will be required to provide your citation number or Driver's license number to access your information.

You CANNOT use this service to:

  • Pay a fine for a person in jail.
  • Make a partial payment.
  • Pay a cash bond.
  • Pay for a driving safety course.
  • Pay a code violation.
  • Pay for a juvenile offense.
  • Pay for an alcohol or tobacco offense if you are a minor.

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