Police Officer Recruitment - Testing Process

Anyone interested in working for the Euless Police Department must meet minimum requirements that include passing the testing process. Upon successful completion of a physical assessment and a written test, applicants will be required to complete a Personal History Statement.

Applicants receiving a passing score on the completed test are ranked according to their final score. Veteran points will be added for qualified military candidates.

Applicants may be contacted after the test for the following: background check, oral interview, polygraph examination, psychological exam, complete medical exam and/or drug screening.

Written Test

Generally, the written exam will be conducted before the physical assessment:

  • The applicants will be advised of the instruction concerning the exam
  • The written exam will be administered
  • Upon completion of the written exam the applicant will be notified of their score
  • Upon successful completion of the written exam, applicant will proceed to the physical portion of the test

Physical Assessment

Generally, the Physical Assessment will occur after the written test. Applicants will: 

  • Receive instructions on how to complete the Physical Assessment
  • Are encouraged to wear appropriate athletic attire
  • The physical assessment is scored on a PASS/FAIL basis
  • Failure of any portion of the Physical Assessment will be cause for rejection of the whole test.


Physical Assessment Standards

All applicants must pass all stages of the Physical Assessment Test.

  • 30 sit-ups (1 minute)
  • 25 pushups, no time limit. You may rest in the up position only. You cannot break form.
  • 300 meter run (1 minute, 11 seconds)
  • 11/2 mile run (14 minutes, 36 seconds)

There will be a minimum rest period of 10 minutes between events.

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