Historical Preservation Committee

Meeting Documents are available online for public access.

Mission Statement

The mission of the Euless Historical Preservation Committee is to preserve and promote an awareness of the historical heritage of the area and to demonstrate how it defines current culture and provides a bridge between yesterday, today and tomorrow. The Committee works to preserve and protect the culture, genealogy, archives, structures and historical treasures of the City.


To preserve the culture, genealogy, archives and structures of the City of Euless by preserving the visible reminders and providing protection for the historical treasures of the City.


Review and recommend rules and regulations for maintaining and preserving the historical matters of the City of Euless

Establish and encourage public participation in historical organizations

Document and preserve the physical, verbal and ethnic heritage of the City of Euless

Perform other duties as might be assigned by the City Council.


The Historical Preservation Committee meets the 2nd Monday of every month at 10 a.m. in the City Hall Pre-Council Chamber, 201 N. Ector Dr., Euless.

Committee Members

  • Gary Barnhill
  • Jan Bellamy-Genee
  • Doris Brown
  • Alford Browning
  • Dan Burger
  • Michele Burger
  • Bill Byers
  • Joe Cannon
  • Weldon Cannon
  • Barbara Collier
  • Iris Elliott
  • Susan Ellis
  • Gary Fieldsend
  • Betty Fuller
  • Bill Golden
  • Kathey Knecht
  • Norma Lively
  • Marilyn Long
  • Don Martin
  • David Massey
  • Veva Lou Massey
  • Suzy McCormick
  • Anniece McKanna
  • Robert Nail
  • Gary Parker
  • Helen Payton
  • Lindalyn Pool
  • Mary Lib Saleh
  • Corey Stack
  • Faye Stinneford
  • Jeffrey Taylor
  • Peggy Vandiver
  • Helen Voss
  • Glenn Walker
  • Andrew Weinzapfel
  • Mavy Trigg Wright

Staff Liaisons

  • Ray McDonald, Director of Parks and Community Services