Euless Historical Marker Program

Gold seal with star in the middle Thank you for your interest in the City of Euless Historical Marker Program administered by the Euless Historical Preservation Committee (HPC). Although the recorded history of Euless goes back more than a century and a half, few subjects and no identifiable buildings are eligible for an Official Texas Historical Marker. Nevertheless, many of these are historically significant and deserve local recognition. The City of Euless, through the HPC, will recognize buildings, people, events or a site related to one of these by awarding a local historical marker medallion alone or a medallion and descriptive plaque.

A Euless Marker requires approval of both the HPC and the Euless City Council. Certain criteria must be met in order to secure the marker. The HPC will determine the wording of the inscription on the plaque. The inscription will be no more than 35 characters. The medallion and plaque, both cast aluminum, may be attached to a building or mounted on a post. The medallion is 8" in diameter; the plaque is 8" x 6".

The Euless Historical Marker Program is designed to recognize historically significant structures, residents, events - or a related site. Obtaining a local marker will not affect in any way your ability to alter or add improvements to your property or demolish a structure. Neither does a local marker in any way limit or prohibit the sale of your property.


  • Complete and submit an application
  • Write a historical narrative of the nominated subject, not more than 5 pages double-spaced, typewritten, plus reference notes
  • Submit copies of supporting documents and photographs of proposed marker site
  • Order the marker from the approved manufacturer and pay for it after approval


  • Building - It must be at least 50 years old and have significance for Euless:
    • Historical - Was it associated with an event or a person of note?
    • Architectural - Does it display unique architectural details from a certain period in Euless' past?
    • Social - Does it depict a characteristic way in which people lived in the area?
  • Event - The event must have happened at least 30 years earlier. It must have been newsworthy and had some discernible impact in the community.
  • Person - He/she must be deceased at least 10 years. The person must have made a significant contribution to the community or received recognition for something noteworthy.


A Medallion may be purchased individually for $272.44. If a plaque is desired, the Medallion must also be bought. The combined cost of the Medallion and Plaque is $542.98. If purchaser would like the plaque and medallion attached to a 2" post, there will be an additional cost of $225.00.

After the application is approved by the City, the applicant is responsible for ordering and making payment for the medallion and the plaque from the Southwell Company, the manufacturer. Details for ordering will be provided when the application is approved.

For more information contact Ofa Faiva-Siale at 817-685-1649.

Send completed application to:

City of Euless – Attn. Local Marker Program
201 N. Ector
Euless, TX 76039