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Waitress holding tray of recyclablesMain Course

Base Rate: $1.34
This mouthwatering rate remains one of the lowest in northeast Tarrant County.

Senior Base Rate: $0.67
Call when you turn 65 to request this rate.

Additional Sides

For a low monthly rate, you can choose the recycling container that suits your household the best. Local artisans will deliver your bin or cart to your home in February. You must recycle in blue bags or official CWD provided containers.

Blue Bags: Base Rate
Feast your eyes on classical blue bags. Recycling with these tantalizing blue bags cost nothing more than purchasing blue bags from your Euless grocery or home improvement stores.

18-Gallon Recycling Bin: Base Rate + $1.51
Remarkably decadent eighteen gallon bins gratify the smaller sized family. With a smooth texture, light and compact, they can easily be carried to the curb without taking up too much space in your garage.

65-Gallon Recycling Carts: Base Rate + $1.51
The robust sixty-five gallon carts have lip-smacking lids and two wheels for zippy ease in mobility to the street. This delish option serves the family on the go and satisfies their appetite for recycling with a small footprint, yet large capacity.

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Prepared in cooperation with the North Central Texas Council of Governments through funding from the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality.