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An American original, our blend of: University academicians, townsfolk, blue-collar workers, artists, retirees, bohemians, civil service workers, poets, moms, dads and school kids brings a vibrancy that is wide but subtle -  it’s subtle because there is a rich fabric in every niche, but unless you’re specifically looking for it – as large as that pocket may be – it might escape the casual observer.

That’s because Kent has learned to share a small town amongst many folks of diverse interests and backgrounds.

While live music may be Kent’s headline act, Kent has a wide range of cultural amenities to enjoy. Best of all, our intimate-sized venues mean there’s never a bad seat in the house.


Our small-town offerings include:

  • top tier Division 1 sporting events, compliments of the athletes at Kent State University
  • a calendar of festivals, special events and local sporting
  • outdoor movies, theater and art shows
  • music of every sort – from folk to blues, rock, techno and underground
  • internationally-renowned speakers, unique classes and educational opportunities
  • even local comedy